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The Best of The Second City – Chuck Norment

The Best of The Second City – Chuck Norment

The Best of The Second City – Chuck Norment
November 09
18:10 2018


Martin Woldson Theater At The Fox  is always thinking ahead and finding the best shows to bring to Spokane. This month The Fox presents The Best of The Second City, Chicago’s legendary sketch and improv comedy theater, as part of their national tour, “The Best of The Second City.” This must-see show features the best sketches and songs from The Second City’s history — as well as their trademark improvisation. America’s first name in comedy has produced superstars like Tina Fey, Stephen Colbert, Steve Carell, Gilda Radner, Bill Murray, Keegan-Michael Key, Aidy Bryant, Alan Arkin and more. Fresh, fast and always spectacularly funny, The Second City is celebrating nearly sixty years of producing cutting-edge satirical revues and launching the careers of generation after generation of comedy’s best and brightest.

They have a strong of comedic background performing performing at iO with Virgin Daiquiris, Your Fucked Up Relationship and Harold team Meridian Chuck was a featured performer in Second City and NBC Universal’s Breakout Comedy Festival, has comedy always been the goal or a fun adventure?

Comedy has always been a very serious venture for me. I feel in love with it when I first saw SNL at the age of 12, I remember watching it and laughing harder than I ever had and knowing that comedy was what I was meant to do.

The name of the show implies that this is “The Best of Second City” do they feel that it is?

The Second City archive is so vast it is hard to say this is THE BEST OF THE BEST! The company spans back to 1959, with so much ingenious material. We are definitely performing the sketches we enjoy the most!

Performing in front of a live audience sketches performed by the greats such as Tina Fey, Stephen Colbert, Steve Carell and more does that inspire or intimidate?

Inspires! Knowing we are standing in the same places as some of America’s greatest comedians makes it feel like we’ve chosen the right path. It makes going out and doing this job worth it.

As a comedian are you able to put some of your own style to the sketches making them better and more unique to today’s cultural environment?

Absolutely we have to edit and update a lot of jokes because the societal growth and progression evolves so quickly that jokes and points of view become dated very quickly. I’m the first out trans performer the theatre has ever had, and I constantly task myself with making sure that voice is represented. It’s important to all of us that anyone who comes to our shows feels represented and heard.

What is your favorite sketch and why?

A sketch called Beat Poets. It’s very silly, allows me to improvise A TON! And I get to wear a nude colored skin tight suit and roll around the stage like a newborn babe!

In one word each describe your fellow performers of “the Best of the Second City”?

Terrence Carey: spiritual shaman
Sarah Dell’Amico: white trash floridian
Asia Martin: Assata Shakur
Olivia Nielsen: colonial ghost
Griffin Wenzler: sarcastic uncle

(I cheated and used more than one word!)

What should the audience expect during the performance(no spoilers, but please tease us!)

You have to come and see for yourself! But guaranteed a lot of laughs!!!!!

Most shows come through Spokane so fast I do not think the performers get any downtime here in Spokane. If they had time to do something here what might that be?

I’m hoping someone tells me the hot hot spots while we are in town. But! I would love to go hiking and see some waterfalls. Unfortunately, the Midwest only offers corn fields as a landscape. So, Spokane’s landscape is the thing I’m most excited to drink in!

Traveling from state to state, city to city, and town to town must have its ups and downs what drives you as a performer?

It definitely is quite exhausting. But, truly the thing that makes this job is the people you meet along the way. I’m obsessed with my cast, and feel like the luckiest person alive to have them in my life. You get the opportunity to see the world with seven people you’d never get to travel with otherwise, and create strong bonds that last a lifetime. I’m infinitely grateful for them and the ways our paths will always intersect because of this experience.

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