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Kenyth Mogan is Changing things up with his new song “Holy Water”

Proud Times has followed Kenyth Mogan’s musical career for the last few years and has with his new Song  Holy Water stopped us in our tacks.  This was a direction never expected by and artist who has mainly sang love songs. We dropped everything and set up this quick interview to find out where this song came from.

Holy Water is very different from your past songs, Why the change?

As a person and an artist I’m always growing. I feel like a lot of my songs followed this colorful and cartoonish path. I was called everything from “The geek pop-star,” to the “Wholesome Homo” and while those are parts of my personality, they are not who I am as a whole. As my wants and desires change, so should my music. The last thing I want to be is someone not authentic to myself.

So… who is the authentic Kenyth?

That’s a loaded question. I’m confident in who I am as a person, but as an artist, I’m still trying to figure it out.  Right after I released “Real Me” in 2017 I lost someone very important to me. So, I took a step back to relax, regroup, and re-figure who I wanted to be. As I mentioned, there’s a lot of different facets to my personality, I’m very exited to explore this one.

What kind of sound can listeners expect?

More mature for sure. There is still a huge pop influence, but a sense of alternativeness, adult contemporary, world, and even a touch of spook pop. Very different than what I’ve done before.

So, are you ashamed of the music you’ve released in the past?

Absolutely not! I’m not ashamed of anything I’ve done. Ever! I’ve just spent a lot of time, especially in the beginning of my career, listening to what other people thought the sound of the music I should recorded be, the style of the clothes I should wear, and the type of videos I should produce. I do love “Unlock Your Heart,” and the sound of Fall Apart as a whole, and for a minute, I think that’s honestly who I was. That’s one of the main reasons why he  Love EP was such a drastic change. I was told by someone that I couldn’t be anything more than someone who sang gay dance songs. I could never do the singer-songwriter thing. So I did. I co-wrote every song but one on that EP – then I put it out and said “Okay world, here ya go! Later!” I did absolutely nothing to promote it until I released the music video for “It Was Love” a year later. But, even with that, I was in such a hurry to show someone what I could do, on my own, that I didn’t ask anyone for help. It’s not horrible, but honestly, it could’ve been a lot better.

Did you collaborate with Tiffany Darwish and Tim Feehan on the writing of the song?

I did not. They wore it and I, as a fan of Tiffany’s discovered it. I don’t remember how or when I heard the song, but I know it was just a part of the chorus from Tiffany’s demo. I remember connecting to it immediately because I related to the lyrics. I grew up around people with addictive tendencies. I had a cousin struggling with an addiction to alcohol and cocaine and a boyfriend who struggled with a meth addiction until he ended up in prison and here I was, feeling helpless, because there was nothing I could but watch, and pray that their struggles didn’t lead them into an early grave. Holy Water is the type of song I think a lot of people can relate too – especially in the LGBT community.

In press release it say this: The song is a step in a more mature musical direction for Kenyth, which is something he’s ready for after years of being referred to as the cute gay geek. “I wouldn’t change what I’ve done, but the time for rainbow kisses and unicorn stickers have passed,” he says. “I’m excited to introduce people my new sound.”

This kind of goes with the first question. I’m always trying to grow as an artist and as a person. Unlock Your Heart was a beautifully produced video because of all the incredibly talented people involved. It was cute, and comical and cartoonish – and I loved it. It Was Love was super mushy, as was “Perfect Love,” and even the lyric video for “Real Me.” Again, I’m not ashamed of anything I’ve done, it’s just time for a change. It’s a good thing.

“Let No Holy Water Fall on you” is the key phrase and the main meaning of the song.  Tells how you feel when singing this part of the song.  

I thought about my cousin and my ex and how I would try to be the barrier that stood between them and their addictions. Sometimes it worked, sometimes they tore me down on the way to their fix. I tapped into that.


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