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Don’t Suck

Kinda, loosely, maybe inspired by true sucky events, DON’T SUCK is a comedy – drama about a gay, Christian, chronic masturbator named Tyler. Feeling stifled by college and ostracized by his conservative family, Tyler abruptly drops out of college and moves from Texas to New York City to pursue his career as an actor and singer-songwriter. (So original, right?) Juggling drama with Marco (nudist roommate), Greg (heartbreak), Alex (best friend) and parents (conservative), Tyler must refocus on why he moved to the city. With original songs, heartwarming characters, and suck-tastic events, DON’T SUCK examines the universal goal of not sucking. Premieres June 19th!

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Main Cast:
Tyler Martin as Tyler
Christopher Trepinski as Marco
David Gow as Greg
Katie Ailion as Alex
Abby Lindsay as Tyler’s Mom
Sushant Adlakha as Ben

Meet Tyler Martin in the pages of Proud Times Sept edition: