Submission Guidelines


Proud Times Magazine provides our readers a means of communication, education, news and entertainment pertinent to the Out and Proud Community in the Inland Northwest and beyond.

Each issue of Proud Times Magazine is assigned a theme. While we solicit submissions related to each theme, we also include a variety of alternate content. Should your contribution be accepted for publication, it would be utilized in a current or future issue. Consideration is given to thematic relevance and space limitation.

Proud Times Magazine seeks to be a quality publication. We retain the right to edit for content, length, grammar, spelling, and accuracy. MLA formatting and style guidelines should be followed and all material should be properly cited. Proud Times Magazine reserves the right to refuse or accept submissions. Please bear in mind that our editors are experienced, professional people who will do their best to retain your unique voice and show your work to its best advantage. Submissions should be in .doc format and any correspondence should be sent to

In the event there is a disagreement regarding any finalized work, we reserve the right to reject the article for publication.

We will consider the following proposals and submissions:

Informational Article (100 to 400 words)
Standard Articles (500 to 700 words)
Feature Articles (2,000 to 4,000)
Press Releases
Investigative Journalism
Event Coverage
Human Interest
Opinion Pieces
Reviews (Book, Concert, Movie, Performing Arts, Restaurant and Theater)
Fictional Series
Advice Column
Gossip Column

Topics of interest would include, but are not limited to the following as they apply to our readers:

Health (Medical, Mental, Physical and Spiritual)
Travel & Leisure


1 December 2013 for 1 January 2014 New Year Issue
1 February 2014 for 1 March 2014 Spring Issue
1 April 2014 for 1 May 2014 Pride Issue
1 June 2014 for 1 July 2014 Back to School Issue
1 August 2014 for 1 September 2014 Political Issue
1 October 2014 for 1 November Holiday Issue

Editing Assistance Available

Requests for assistance with editing, proofreading, constructive feedback, or specialized layouts will be considered. Submitting your work earlier in the deadline schedule would allow us to determine if there is enough time, resources and staffing available to accommodate you.


Proud Times Magazine does not pay for submissions. That being said, there are many non-monetary benefits to being associated with our publication including:

• professional writing experience
• professional editing and layout services
• constructive feedback to hone your personal style
• increased internet presence
• professional networking
• increased visibility in the Out and Proud Community

We suggest including your business and social networking links with submissions. In this way, readers can find you in other places and perhaps support your other business endeavors as well. Line-backs, tweets, and other social network communications go a very long way. As you support the magazine, the magazine will support you.

Artwork Required with Written Submissions

Every submission must come with a graphic related to your article (e.g., a head shot of the author, illustrations, digital photographic images, or cartoon panels).

Proud Times Magazine reserves the right to lay out submissions with graphics of our own choosing regardless of suggestions, in keeping with our dynamic needs and current themes.

Please note that every photograph or illustration with an article must be credited. A release must be signed by the person or party responsible for objects not open to public photography such as special museum items. In addition, to avoid legal complications and embarrassing situations, please alert us to any purchase of your work by other publications.

Include with each submission all relevant contact information, such as the artist’s name, mailing address, daytime telephone, fax number, and e-mail address if available. Digital submissions must be no less than 150 dpi and no more than 600 dpi. File types accepted – jpg, pdf, psd, eps and png. All other file types will not work with our formatting and will be rejected.

Stand-alone Artwork

With or without manuscript, feel free to submit digital illustrations that are in accordance with the magazine’s direction and style. Image submissions that go along with written stories and articles will be used in conjunction with the stories and articles. Images or illustrations not pertaining to stories or articles, but go along with magazine themes, will be used as needed to accent or prove a point of any story or article.

We look for pictures that capture and/or detail the diversity of LGBT life and culture, including images of everyday life, landscapes, people, architecture, art, festivals, and so on.

Send artwork submissions to or call 509/220-7799 with questions.

Effective 15 July 2013. The Publisher reserves the right to change these policies at any time.