Based on the real life of professional dominatrix Yin Q.

Asian-Femme-focused digital drama explores the complexities of our secret taboos: Bondage, Submission, Sado-Masochism, Fetish, and Kink.

Museum Of Sex to host Red Carpet Premiere

EW YORK – In a surprise announcement from her private lair, Margaret Cho announced last week that “I have joined an amazing new series, Mercy Mistress, as an Exec Producer. You will watch.”

Mercy Mistress is based on a memoir by Yin Q. The show follows the character Mistress Yin, played by Poppy Liu, as a queer, first-gen, Chinese-American professional and lifestyle dominatrix in Manhattan. Season 1 is directed entirely by Amanda Madden, and produced by a primarily woman-led crew, with support of the POC, Asian American, queer, and kink communities. The show simultaneously explores immigrant life, stories of Asian culture in America, the struggles and challenges of sex workers, and authentic experiences in the kink world.

It is likely NSFW, so adventure with discretion!

Yin Q said “We are thrilled to bring Mercy Mistress to the communities it represents, as well as to the greater audience. I am personally ecstatic to work with the legendary Margaret Cho. She has long championed the myriad voices inside and behind this series.”

Cho added “Yin’s universe, executed by Amanda and inhabited by Poppy, embodies the wonderful mad mix of diverse people living in our world, and making art in our culture. Unfortunately, these very voices – the Sex Worker, the Chinese Immigrant, the Asian Woman, the secret Kink – often remain invisible. It’s an honor to help get them seen.”

Cho and her partners Sarah Martin and Jessie Boemper also join Mercy Mistress as Executive Producers, along with their frequent collaborator, Evan Shapiro. Together the team recently announced their sale of comedy series Almost Asian, a series which takes on the Asian American experience from a significantly lighter tone.

Cho’s declaration came via Instagram, with an announcement that the first episode of Mercy Mistress dropped on the show’s YouTube page ( The series, which will be released on January 7, will be celebrated at The Museum of Sex in NYC with an exclusive premiere experience.