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Seattle Boylesque Festival 2018

Seattle Boylesque Festival 2018

Seattle Boylesque Festival 2018
April 13
16:23 2018

   By Ebb Rivers

Thirsty Girl Productions and Daniel Nardicio present a cirque du erotica drag extravaganza filled with fire, aerial performances, and sexy half-naked men. Boylesque is not something you’ll find at your cool uncle’s house. This festival spectacular features performances by world class artists and entertainers who specialize in the art of seduction. The festival is held annually in Seattle’s Historic Union District, hosted by The Triple Door on April 14th and 15th. Boylesque is in its fourth year now and the performances just keep getting better. We got in touch with Jen Gapay, the woman behind Thirsty Girl Productions, to discuss this upcoming weekend, here’s what she had to say:

For those that have not heard of Boylesque, could you explain what it is?

Boylesque is a version of Burlesque that is primarily performed by (but not limited to) those who identify as male.  It can take on many art forms including singing, dancing, circus performance and drag (both Queens & Kings), but most acts end up with a striptease as part of the performance.

At a glance Boylesque appears to be primarily geared toward the LGBTQ community, would it appeal to a straight audience?

The Seattle Boylesque audience is very diverse and attracts a very mixed audience and includes many members from the LGBTQ community as well as a large straight audience.

The Boylesque Festival is a relatively newer event/venue, this being its fourth year, what would you say has been the largest contribution to its success?

This is Seattle’s only burlesque festival and because of that I have curated the shows to include a diverse range of very talented performers and because of that,  the shows have built up a good reputation over the last four years . Also, The Triple Door is a great venue to see a burlesque show in, their curtain is amazing, their stage is gigantic, and they are rigged for aerial and allow fire performances so this makes the shows extra special.

What was it about the Boylesque Festival that sparked your fire and passion for it?

Well, I had been producing The New York Burlesque Festival for years and started noticing a growing number of boylesque performers in the scene, and really enjoyed what they were bringing to the table.

Many of the acts tended to be really campy and I love that and it just seemed like it was the right time to introduce a boylesque festival, so I started the New York Boylesque Festival with Daniel Nardicio in 2012 followed by The Seattle festival in 2015.

Could you explain to our readers what they can expect over the festival weekend?

We have 30 performers from all of the US and Canada.

The Festival kicks of Friday, April 13th with local Burlesque starlet and hostess, “The Showgirl Scholar”, Sailor St. Claire. This opening night features over a dozen performers  including Burlesque Hall of Fame performers 2 to Fly (NYC), Mod Carousel (Seattle), RedBone (San Francisco), EmpeROAR! Fabulous (Seattle), Paris Original (Seattle) and Ernie Von Schmaltz (Seattle). Also gracing the stage is a nationwide handful of hunky hotties: Ben Franklin (NYC), Jupiter Everhard (Bozeman MT), JD Hickcock (Houston TX), Devonaire (NYC), Al Lykya (Seattle), Burning Loins (Denver CO), Moscato Extatique (Seattle), Apollo Vidra (Seattle), Kiki Mustang (Seattle) and Phathoms Deep (Breaux Bridge LA).

The Saturday night spectacular is emceed by Seattle’s own infamous and always hilarious Ernie Von Schmaltz and features a cast of international all-stars including: Izohnny (Portland, OR), 2 to Fly (NYC), Devonaire (NYC), Joshua Dean (NYC), Luminous Pariah (Seattle), Isaiah Esquire (Portland OR), RedBone (San Francisco), Trojan Original (Seattle), Johnny Nuriel (Portland OR ), Indy Fire (Denver), Bobby Barnaby (Austin TX), Mr Valdez (Colorado Springs, CO), Dutch Loven (Victoria BC), Haywire (Minneapolis MN), Pistol Holliday (Amarillo Texas) & Curtis Carlyle (Portland OR).

Saturday’s late show benefits Burlycon Burlesque Convention, a non-profit organization of burlesque performers, producers, fans and aficionados.  Press ready images and interview arrangements available upon request. Sponsorship and advertising opportunities are available for both shows, please contact jen@thirstygirlproductions for more info.

BOTH NIGHTS Two Shows: 7pm & 10:30pm

Doors: 5:30pm & 10pm


GA Seating $25 adv, $30 at the door

VIP Seating $40 adv, $45 at the door

WC Accessible, contact venue for information

The Triple Door

216 Union Street

Seattle, WA 98101

If you had to pick only one act or performance from the festival, which one would it be?

I can’t pick just one!

IZOHNNY from Portland are spectacular, they do fire rituals, and amazing drag for starters and they are EVERYTHING!  

Also 2 to Fly from NYC are really amazing, very theatrical and circusy.

Plus, both of these duos are couples too so that adds to the magic.

What goes into determining what cities the festival will be held?

It’s helpful to produce a festival that has a healthy burlesque/boylesque scene in place already and also is a destination city for performers and for the general public.

Are there plans for expanding to smaller cities as the festival grows bigger?

We are currently planning  The 1st Annual New Orleans Boylesque Festival for February 2019!

The Boylesque Festival has a little of this and little of that, is there a message or feeling you would like festival goers to take with them after all is said and done?

I want to encourage new festival goers to come with an open heart, an open mind, and a good sense of humor, and leave with feelings of awe, wonder, love, lust, inspiration,  compassion, and exuberance!

Finally, if someone is interested in auditioning to perform in the festival, what advice will you share with an aspiring newcomer to the Boylesque Scene?

Newcomers should seek out the boylesque or burlesque scene in their community and start performing locally first before applying to any festival.

There are also many burlesque schools that teach boylesque 101 courses, so that’s a great place to start!

You heard the lady! Not only can you look forward this this weekend in Seattle, but New Orleans is coming next year! Grab your boy toy, or your girl toy, and enjoy two exciting nights together ogling the skills – and hot bods – of these wonderful performers!


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