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Reviewed: Lady Bunnies “Hung With Care”- Will Keep you Laughing

Reviewed: Lady Bunnies “Hung With Care”- Will Keep you Laughing

Reviewed: Lady Bunnies “Hung With Care”- Will Keep you Laughing
December 13
20:49 2018

By Adam Fehn

Let me start this review by saying that I am ashamed to admit knowing next to nothing about Lady Bunny and her rich history in drag culture until I started researching her prior to the show.  I am overjoyed I gave myself the opportunity to catch up with her amazing career. When I realized who she is and that I would be seeing her in person, I was beyond excited! I was about to see a living legend perform on stage! Having completed an interview with Bunny, she gave me a sense of what her show consisted of, but nothing could have prepared me for this. Her holiday show “Hung With Care” was a messy, hilarious, raucous celebration of that ubiquitous holiday we call Christmas and I loved it from start to finish.  

The Triple Door was responsible for playing host to Lady Bunny for this night only and I’m so glad they did. It is hands down one of my favorite venues in Seattle. The atmosphere is intimate and cozy and the servers deftly dodge patrons and furniture alike to make sure that everyone’s whistle never goes dry. I’d drop at least one tray of glasses a night if I were ever to be a server there so I’ll just leave that up to the professionals.  I also have to say the quality and type of shows that they host are always right up my alley. I’ve never had a single negative experience in the Triple Door and I don’t expect I ever will.

The hilarious Strawberry Shartcake was the opener for this evening.  If you are a local, you might know her from the drag Variety show, Bacon Strip, or any one of her shows at Pony.  After laying down some ground rules, it was time for the main event. Out came Lady Bunny with a none too modest black frock, jewels aplenty, hair bigger than the stage and a personality to match.

Now Lady Bunny warned me in her prior interview that the show would be… different, and it certainly was. We happened to be the first stop in this tour, and as such, most of the material was experimental and unpolished. She joked about reading lyrics from stage notes typed in a font big enough for grandma to see, mostly because she couldn’t wear glasses over three-inch lashes.  At one point she dropped one of her huge earrings on the stage and tripped on her gown when she ran into the audience. It was definitely messy, but she played off of each hiccup and made it hilarious. She has probably been doing this longer than I’ve been alive, so of course, she would know how to play to her strengths. Instead of the work in progress that she warned me about, we got sidesplitting chaos that stayed true to her form of comedy.

Throughout the course of the night, we got a little bit of everything in no particular order.  She told some jokes, she did some dancing, she read some of our favorite drag queens for filth, during which, she took no prisoners. She also sang her take on some old holiday favorites including, but certainly not limited to, I Saw Mommy Fisting Santa Clause, Rudolph the Uncut Reindeer, and Have a Holly Molly Christmas. My favorite, though, was her own version of Santa Baby, in which, she got a little angry and shared just what she’s willing to do to see that she gets what she wants.  Apparently, she is not above grilling a reindeer.

Another one my favorite parts of her show is when she took suggestions from the audience, which she of course insisted were written by actual audience members before the show.  One “audience member” asked her to sing and dance to the breakout hit Let it Go from Frozen and boy did she ever! Only her world was full of constipation instead of isolation and it wasn’t her shame that she was letting go of. Other suggestions had her doing impersonations of Kate Bush and singing about all of the diseases she contracted during the twelve days of Christmas.  The highlight of the night, however, was the video she played while freshening up. Now I don’t know exactly how to describe this video. I can only say that it involved a very naked man and Lady Bunny in full drag getting doused by gallons upon gallons of milk. It was truly a spectacle.

Even though the performance itself was a bit rough, I still got a sense of what Lady Bunny is like at her best. This queen is funny to the core and her comedy doesn’t make compromises.  This might be the only time that I enjoyed being the guinea pig for a performer. The pleasure truly was all mine. I look forward to her return to the West coast with a tried and true show to boot, although I’m sure I’ll enjoy whatever it is she dishes out.

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