Pop Superstar Pink Ascends Into Living Legend Territory at Seattle Show-The Seattle Lesbian

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By Sarah Toce, Editor-in-Chief

“Who Knew” that Pop superstar Pink would light up KeyArena at Seattle Center on Sunday, May 13, 2018? Well, that’s a no-brainer. We all did. She does every time, but this time…it was different – and better still.

The “Party” got started with aerial dancers in technicolor as Pink stood behind a semi-transparent curtain before stepping out to wild applause. The crescendo of “Beautiful Trauma” came next, followed by an old classic – “Just Like a Pill.” It was full-on “Revenge” mode after that with a whimsical “Funhouse” and an air-bending ensemble of “Secrets.” Only Pink could take on a classic hit and make it her own – and she did that with Nirvana’s “It Smells Like Teen Spirit.”

Pink in Seattle. Photo: Steph Brusig for The Seattle Lesbian
Pink in Seattle. Photo: Steph Brusig for The Seattle Lesbian

Act 3 of the show had a forest theme and consisted of the chart-topping hits “Try,” “Reason,” and “I’m Not Dead,” but it was the jaw-dropping pyrotechnic prodigy taking on “Just Like Fire” that had the crowd roaring for more. And more she would give – indeed.

A somewhat somber moment would occur next with “What About Us?” Some in the audience visibly moved to tears, while others raged against the patriarchy in the way Pink makes it possible, with arms raised and voices loud. “Barbies” was next on the list, followed by Pink’s emotional ballad “Perfect” – an ode to women, mothers, children, and anyone feeling less than. Pink was in her element and the crowd felt it.

If it were not apparent before now, “Raise Your Glass” for Pink, Seattle. She has proven that longevity and outlasting the competition requires guts, grit, a little dirt under the fingernails, and the willingness to say, “So What?”

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