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Love One

Love One

Love One
November 08
20:03 2013

Love One by J'son M. LeeSynopsis

Sex is the foundation of many relationships. But what if sex were no longer on the table?

J’son M. Lee introduces us to Sebastian Chalmers, a successful activist who finds comfort in random sexual encounters. Sebastian harbors a painful childhood secret that is the root of his sexual dysfunction. On the verge of losing everything, can he find the courage to confront his past or will he continue his downward spiral into decadence?


J’son M. Lee, though born in Brooklyn, New York, is essentially a North Carolinian.  He graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill earning a degree in Speech Communication with a concentration in Performance Studies.  Lee is 44 years old and resides in Baltimore, Maryland.  He is also the author of Just Tryin’ To Be Loved, the “Friends or Lovers” short story series (Best Friends, More Than Friends and Can’t Be Friends), love One (short story), One Family’s AIDS (short story) and co-author of the multiple award winning title, How could my husband be GAY?, with Ondrea L. Davis.  J’son was recently named 2013 Author of the Year by SGL BOOKLOVERS magazine.

In addition to books, Lee wrote, produced and starred in his own one-man show entitled One Family’s AIDS.   This play is the story of Gene Alexander McCoy – a young, educated African-American man who finds himself in a race for time to make peace with his family and with God upon being diagnosed with HIV. The play, told from four different perspectives, chronicles Gene’s life as he confronts such issues as HIV/AIDS, family, abandonment and homophobia. With the help of his over-bearing mother, a nurturing grandmother, and an uncle who doesn’t really feel comfortable talking about Gene’s sexuality or disease, we learn the complexities of love and relationships, the damaging results of fear and shame, and how the relentless quest for the truth ultimately leads us back to each other.

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