Ebb Rivers

I am older than 21 and younger than 50. (I was born Sept 1st 1970). “I was born a poor black child…” Steve Martin, The Jerk, seriously, I was born in Independence, Missouri (a Kansas City suburb), where I lived the first 20 years of my life before joining the US Navy. I spent five years on active duty during wartime. I was trained in personnel management, Terroristic Engagement Tactics, Human Behavior, Interrogation and Interviewing Techniques. I did and saw more before I turned 30 than a majority of the world’s population will in a lifetime.

I am an artist and try to view and approach life with the same point of view: open and creative.

After my military service, I returned stateside and found myself in the Pacific Northwest. The Seattle area is where I called home for about three years until my mother’s suicide got the better of me. I then spent five years living back in Missouri before returning to the Pacific Northwest. I settled here in Spokane, which I have called home for the last 13 years.

I have always been an artist, but it’s only been a hobby. Over the last two or three years, I have given a good deal of focus to painting. I have developed my own style and technique of acrylic on canvas to give texture and depth to the subject matter, mimicking the characteristics of oils on canvas. I also include a memento mori in each painting that further defines my style.