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Charlie David August Issue 13

Charlie David August Issue 13

Charlie David August Issue 13
August 08
19:57 2018

We are so excited to bring you the August issue of Proud Times Magazine. This month we will continue our representation of the LGBTQ+ alphabet with the letter G and an interview with YouTuber and twitch guru Jimmy Whetzel. We will also be bringing you a cover story featuring Charlie David, writer, producer, actor, and so much more. This issue will also feature dancer and now TV host, Anisha Joshi, actor and activist Dan Payne, and a look into the mind of Epiphany Mattel.

We hope you enjoy this issue and that you are as excited for new issues as we are! We are always open to submissions, please see our website for more information on how to submit your writing, artwork, photography, and anything in between.

As always we would like to thank our supporters, contributors, staff, and readers. You all make this possible and we appreciate your continued support and love!

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