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Proud Times December 2018 with Ty Herndon #18

We are excited to bring you this month’s issue of Proud Times featuring Ty Herndon, Dane Joseph, co-creator of the hit web series Drama Queenz, two special stories by Sebastian Fortino – Celebrate the Light and Home for the Holidays, an interview with Bullies and Biceps, and a look at What Sex Actually Sells with Andre Rios. We would like to take this time to thank our wonderful writers, creators, and collaborators who work tirelessly to bring you fresh, new content.

December is the time for the holidays and we want to thank you for taking time out of your holiday season to be here, reading with us. In honor of the season we will not have an LGBTQ letter again this month, instead, we will continue to show support for all our LGBTQ community and remind everyone that the holidays can be rough for many. Please treat all with kindness and lend a helping hand where you can.

Proud Times November Edition #17 with Jack Lucas President of WestCoast Entertainment

It is officially the season – Thanksgiving, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and many more are right around the corner! Whatever you celebrate we want to extend our fondest wishes to you and yours!

We are excited to bring you this month’s issue, there’s a lot in store in the pages ahead! This month we are proud to introduce Jack Lucas from WestCoast Entertainment as our cover story. We will also bring you interviews with musician, Curtis Brad, the creators of West 40’s, looks at local businesses in Portland, Oregon, online show reviews if you’re looking to binge-watch some strong lesbian leads, and so much more!

Proud Times recently released a special issue for The Queens Project – you can check it out now on our website!

With the holiday’s beginning this month we decided that in place of our LGBTQ letter section featuring one letter, we will focus on a subject that involves all of us: loneliness.

We would not be able to continue this magazine without your continued support, we are so grateful for you, our readers, and our collaborators as well.

A special thanks to our newest writers, Sebastian Fortino, Mic R. Phone, and Katrina Hofer.

Happy Holidays!


ADA Vox – Proud Times October Issue #16

Dear Readers,

We have one hell of an issue for you this month, and we are so excited about it! For our cover story we bring you an interview with American Idol contest and drag queen Ada Vox. We also have interviews with singer Michael Cagle, YouTube sensation Bryan Hawn, and the creator of The Queen Project, Ken Arpino. We will be continuing our representation of the LGBTQ letters with the letter T this month and an interview with local Spokane drag queen Arianna D. Spanic.

We would like to thank our small but mighty group of writers, editors, and designers. They work incredibly hard to bring you these stories every month, and they wouldn’t be able to do that without the continued support of our professional relationships and friends. Mostly, they wouldn’t be able to do it without the continued support of you, the reader.

Happy Halloween!

Bruce Vilanch Sept Issue 14

We are so excited for this month! We have some unbelievable talent lined up for this issue! Our cover story this month is none other than Bruce Vilanch, a Hollywood staple and a personal hero of mine. We also have interviews with Fernando Barbosa, an amazing documentary filmmaker, musical artists Jason Walker and Alice Temple, local entrepreneur Robbie Anthony who is running for Spokane County Commissioner, Sandra Williams who runs The Black Lens, an african american newspaper based in Spokane, RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant Tempest Dujour, creator or the popular web series “DON’T SUCK,” Tyler Martin, and Spokane’s own Ms.Gay Spokane, Natasja Powell. We are also continuing the letters of the LGBTQ alphabet in this issue with the letter B for Bisexual.

We appreciate your readership! Don’t forget to like and follow us on facebook and twitter
@Proudtimes! Remember we are always looking for submissions, you can check out how to do that on our submissions page on

We would like to thank those who continue to support us, we love you, and we appreciate you!

Please enjoy this awesome issue and be sure to like and share!

Special Edition: Werq It Girls – Rupaul’s Drag Race Werq the World Tour

Today history is being made by the 21st Century Drag Performers!
They are in your face, larger than life and love the world over!

For as long as art history can recall, the human form has been a focus of beauty. This particularly applies to the female form. In pop culture, and even long before that, women have been deemed the more mysterious, beautiful, and softer sex. Yet, this described femininity is not something which is reserved for natural born women alone. Each individual has a side that could be deemed feminine, you hear it in movies, men who are “in touch with their feminine side.” Here at Proud Times, we won’t play into this gender stereotype. We will see Drag Queens for what they are, beautiful individuals expressing themselves in beautiful ways.To take things that are typically reserved for females, and use them as a means of creating a character and exploring a different side of yourself is a brave and bold act.

Proud Times Special Edition -Shadowlands an Award Winning Miniseries

Shadowlands is a book of short stories and now a TV miniseries exploring the heartfelt, and sometimes heartbreaking passion and pain of gay sexuality. Ancient myths are re-imagined with an exciting queer twist masterfully depicting the charged, fragile relationships of urban life today.

Charlie David is the director, writer and producer of the Shadowlands series based on his book of short stories. Shadowlands was his first time directing a scripted show so we sat down to discover the highs and lows of the process.

Shadowlands is available on OUTtv and OUTtvGO in Canada. It is available on Amazon and Vimeo globally.


Charlie David August Issue 13

We are so excited to bring you the August issue of Proud Times Magazine. This month we will continue our representation of the LGBTQ+ alphabet with the letter G and an interview with YouTuber and twitch guru Jimmy Whetzel. We will also be bringing you a cover story featuring Charlie David, writer, producer, actor, and so much more. This issue will also feature dancer and now TV host, Anisha Joshi, actor and activist Dan Payne, and a look into the mind of Epiphany Mattel.

We hope you enjoy this issue and that you are as excited for new issues as we are! We are always open to submissions, please see our website for more information on how to submit your writing, artwork, photography, and anything in between.

As always we would like to thank our supporters, contributors, staff, and readers. You all make this possible and we appreciate your continued support and love!

Be sure to follow Proud Times on social media for updates on the latest issues, release dates, and much more.

Yuhua Hamasaki July Issue 12

Yuhua has a fascinating background. She immigrated to the United States from China, settling in New York City at the age of seven. Her heritage and upbringing are very apparent in her art. She combines themes of Chinese culture, New York City style, and futuristic glam that creates a look that is not often replicated in the American drag community. She started performing at the young age of sixteen. At a time when there were not nearly as many outlets for LGBT youth as there today, the gay bars were the safer spaces for a drag queen fresh on the scene. “I went to gay bars not because I wanted drink, or do drugs, or party, but just so that I could be in an environment that I was not judged…”