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Dekkoo – The star of M/M is making a splash

Instinct Magazine has gone all gooey over M/M star Nicolas Maxim Endlicher – and we can’t blame them. He’s ridiculously gorgeous. As Instinct contributor Samuel Murrian writes…

“European beauty Nicolas Maxim Endlicher has hypnotizing blue eyes, bone structure so chiseled you could probably chop through airplane metal with it, a lean-muscular frame and a fantastically round little donk.”

We couldn’t agree more – and we think you’ll come on board once you see M/M. The film follows Matthew (Antoine Lahaie), a young Canadian trying to make a fresh start in Berlin. When he meets the beautiful and charismatic Matthias (Endlicher), he is immediately entranced. Soon Matthew’s interest escalates, becoming an obsession.  He begins to transform himself to embody the object of his desire, cutting his hair, and getting new clothes.

When Matthias gets into a motorcycle accident, the opportunity is too perfect. Matthew can now become Matthias. In a coma in the hospital, Matthias’ waking life, dreams and memories blur.  Where the real ends, the artificial begins.

You can read the full Instinct article here and then skip on over to Dekkoo to watch the movie. M/M is available now!


I’m Fine – Dekkoo

2 Seasons, 16 Episodes

Director: Brandon Kirby

Starring: Perry Powell, Lee Doud, Shaughn Buchholz, Brittney King, Richard Stokes, Ulysses Morazan

Cute, 20-something Nate isn’t hurting for dates. Even his best friend Jeff confesses his feelings in a moment of drunken vulnerability. Nate, though, is still hopelessly obsessed with his ex-boyfriend Joey. Poignant and funny, this positively adorable series follows Nate as he tries to find closure and break himself out of romantic purgatory. Start binge watching both seasons today!

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The Marco Ovando Collection – Dekkoo

1 Season, 18 Episodes

Director: Marco Ovando

Draw the shades and dim the lights for this one. Born in Guatemala, Marco Ovando discovered his love of photography while studying science and communications. Inspired by the work of Avedon, Ellen von Unwerth and Herb Ritts, he moved to New York in 1999 and quickly became a fixture on the nightlife scene. His work has appeared in such publications as Paper, OUT and The Advocate. This erotic video collection captures Ovando’s love of human expression and the beauty of the male form.

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Love is Blind – Dekkoo

1 Season, 7 Episodes

Reality Series

Is there really such a thing as love at first date? Love Is Blind is going to find out! Each episode introduces two sexy gay singles, both looking for love, then sends them on a zany, unpredictable, and totally blind first date. Best of all, we take you along for the ride. You’ll get a voyeuristic peak into their day-long courtship and watch as these men turn each other on – and sometimes turn on each other.

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Feral – Dekkoo

1 Season, 8 Episodes

Director: Morgan Jon Fox

Starring: Jordan Nichols, Seth Daniel, Leah Beth Bolton, Tristan M. Garner and Chase Brother

Best friends Billy (Nichols) and Daniel (Daniel) are faced with a conflict when they are forced to kick out their roommate, Jordan (Garner). Finding a new gay/gay friendly roommate turns out to be no easy task, and they end up relying on the help of their fun and whimsical friend Emily (Bolton) who introduces them to the mysterious new guy in town.

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Paper Boys – Dekkoo

1 Season, 6 Episodes

Director: Curtis Casella

Starring: Kyle Cabral, Nathan Brown, Kai Liu and Sarah Elizabeth

In a brash decision, Cole (Cabral) secretly moves to San Francisco under the guise of his straight best friend’s engagement party. But when his friend, Daren (Brown), reveals his engagement was an accident, Cole uses the mysterious powers of a forgotten sketchbook to try to put both of their lives back on track, whatever the consequences.

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