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Talking Unmentionables with Designer – Andrew Christian

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Talking Unmentionables with Designer – Andrew Christian

Talking Unmentionables with Designer – Andrew Christian
October 27
16:07 2013

By Kurt Schmierer

You might have noticed, Andrew Christian has made a splash in the world of underwear. His unique interpretation of undergarments will have you surfing the net—just try not getting too wet! Before you go there, find out what Andrew Christian has to say.Andrew Christian and models

Who designs your fashions?

 Myself, Jeff White, and a small design team.

 Everything is very hands-on and designing new products and making new videos come so natural for us. We are kind of a creative volcano—spewing new ideas all over the world.

 What is the vision for your designs?

 Contemporary designs and styles that fit and flatter the body. Lately we have really become known for our use of bright colors and innovative sportswear designs—such as see-through shorts!

 What has been the evolution of your product line and what’s next for Andrew Christian?

 Andrew Christian is not just about underwear, I have been producing contemporary collections of urban inspired menswear, swimwear, edgy tees, and accessories since its inception in 1997. However, it was the innovative underwear designs that established the company as a force in the fashion world. There will be much more to coming—stay tuned.

 How has the public responded to your product?

 The public has become more and more excited about our product and we can’t wait for the future.

Why the videos? Whose idea was that? How do you choose locations for your shoots?

 The videos are a great way to reach a broad world-wide audience. Not only do people watch them online, but they are played in bars and clubs all over world as well. Who doesn’t mind a bunch of half-naked boys invading their homes and/or business?

 Jeff White comes up with all the ideas and we choose our locations and models depending on what the theme of the video is we are shooting.

-Couple at bottom of the interview-

 Do you only cater to males? Is there a line for females?

 We currently only cater to a male audience.

 Is there a specific body type for which your line is made?

I am actually the fit model, but most of our fabric has a good stretch and fit to the body.

Ideally, our brand is produced for the athletic man and those that aspire to be healthy.

 Do you have testimonials of comfort from celebrities who are wearing Andrew Christian underwear you might want to share?

 Many gay celebrities wear our brand, such as Jai Rodriguez and Davey Wavey.

 On Facebook, we see a lot of fan images. Do you have any of those that you might want to share with our readers?

 If you really want an eyeful, check out our Tumblr page ( You will thank me later.

 Are you only available online? Can shoppers find you in physical stores?

We are sold all over the world via boutique wholesalers and we have also recently added larger department stores such as Nordstrom in the USA, Selfridges in London, TSUM in Moscow, Hankyu in Japan, KaDeWe in Berlin, and Brown Thomas in Ireland.

 Is the partnership for selling the underwear working? What would you like to say to dealers or future partners who have been thinking about signing up—to help them finish the process and help sell the Andrew Christian line?

The growth of our company over the past few years, along with our huge social media presence, has made us a brand that everyone is talking about. We have over 500,000 fans on Facebook and more people talking about us than any of our competitors.

 Do you wear your own underwear?

 I only wear Andrew Christian and honestly, I don’t think there is a brand of underwear that is more comfortable. Once you try our Almost Naked Line, you won’t wear anything else.

Thank you for taking time to share with our readers, who are sure to be excited to see more (or less).

-Watch video links at your own RISK!!!!-   To see more videos visit Andrew Christian Youtube Channel  –  click HERE!

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