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Spokane Will Be Watching National Geographic Live!

Spokane Will Be Watching National Geographic Live!

Spokane Will Be Watching National Geographic Live!
August 10
22:35 2014

Proud Times team members were invited by WestCoast Entertainment to learn about a National Geographic Live! four-part event series—and we want to share this unique opportunity with you! Proud Times’ very own photographer, Skully Jones Marché, is especially excited about this series—as she has dreamt of becoming a National Geographic photographer since she was child, with her collection of over 200 National Geographic magazines.

The series, which begins this fall, features award-winning photographers, filmmakers, scientists, and explorers—live at the INB Performing Arts Center. The presenters will take audiences on explorations from Antarctica to Mars, and introduce them to remarkable creatures, from biting seals to flesh-eating pigs.

“We are extremely excited that we have secured National Geographic Live! coming to the Inland Northwest, “ stated Jack Lucas, President, WestCoast Entertainment. “Spokane is one of just 14 U.S. cities currently scheduled to present the series, which provides an unmatched cultural opportunity.”

This inaugural National Geographic Live! season includes underwater photographers David Doubilet and Jennifer Hayes (Oct. 7); NASA Engineer Kobie Boykins (Nov. 4); wildlife photographer Joel Sartore (Feb. 24); and extreme climbing photographers and explorers Cory Richards and Mike Libecki (Apr. 21).

The series is presented in partnership with STCU (Spokane Teachers Credit Union). In addition to the four evening events, STCU will host a matinee presentation with NASA engineer Kobie Boykins on November 4, with free admission for students from area schools. Ticket details, and seating availability, will be announced by STCU at a later date.

“STCU is honored to support this rare opportunity,” said Tom Johnson, President and CEO. “While these events are sure to delight all ages, it brings us particular pleasure knowing that young audience members will be inspired by these scientists and explorers. The next Jacques Cousteau or Jane Goodall may trace his or her passion to an evening in Spokane, when they experienced the excitement of discovery.”

Events will feature award-winning video and still photography, and conclude with question-and-answer sessions with audience members. Following most events, speakers will sign copies of their books or DVDs.

Tickets are $150 for all four events, or $41.50 for single events. They are available now at or by calling 800.325.SEAT.


Tuesday, 7 October 2014 at 7pm

David Doubilet on assignment with tiger sharksCoral Kingdoms & Empires of Ice: David Doubilet and Jennifer Hayes, Underwater Photographers

David Doubilet is one of National Geographic magazine’s most prolific photographers, and a legend for his groundbreaking work. His undersea partner, Jennifer Hayes, is an aquatic biologist and a globally published photojournalist. The two will lead a visual journey from their most recent National Geographic assignments, including never-before-seen images from the tropics to the polar ice. Discover the reality of life behind the camera, from parasites to harp seal bites.


Tuesday, 4 November 2014 at 7pm  

(with an exclusive school matinee hosted by STCU at 10am)

Mars Rover (2)_CR Courtesy NASA-JPL_Caltech- webExploring Mars: The Next Generation: Kobie Boykins, NASA Engineer

In 2004, the successful deployment of the Mars Exploration Rovers Spirit and Opportunity launched a new era of scientific investigation of our nearest planetary neighbor. Kobie Boykins, a mechanical engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, helped design and build the solar arrays that enabled the rovers to keep going long after their planned 90-day life. (Opportunity is still sending back images.) Now, Boykins is involved in our latest venture to Mars, as supervisor of the mobility and remote sensing mast teams for the Curiosity rover, which landed in 2012. Curiosity has sent back evidence that conditions on Mars once could have supported life.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015 at 7pm

Joel Sartore with brown bears_CR Joel Sartore- webGrizzlies, Piranhas, & Man-eating Pigs: Joel Sartore, Wildlife Photographer

Joel Sartore has been threatened by wildlife, danced with rattlesnakes, and survived traffic accidents in order to document endangered species and incredible landscapes. He has been infected with a flesh-eating parasite. Most recently, he was quarantined for three weeks, due to a Marburg virus scare (bat guano!). All that, to document the spectrum of endangered species for his ongoing Biodiversity Project. Find out what it’s like to be a National Geographic photographer, from someone who has paved the way and reaped the rewards.


Tuesday, 21 April 2015 at 7pm

Mike Libecki hanging from rope, Antarctica_CR Cory Richards - webUntamed Antarctica: Cory Richards and Mike Libecki, Extreme Climbing Explorers and Photographers

No one had set foot on Bertha’s Tower until it was climbed by an expedition supported by National Geographic. The team included photographer and filmmaker Cory Richards, and Mike Libecki, a veteran of over 40 expeditions—including first ascents on five continents, plus Oceania. Surrounded by ice, the 2,000-foot spire is battered by winds of near-hurricane force. Libecki and Richards offer a “campfire” style presentation, filled with humor and tales that didn’t make National Geographic magazine’s September 2013 account of the expedition.


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