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Southside Senior and Community Center


I just found an awesome wedding venue!

It’s the Southside Senior and Community Center. I know—when you hear “senior center,” the first thing you think is, “Oh Good God no.” But they are much more than this. They are a nonprofit event center and Lisa Rosier will work within any budget.

There is an hourly rate that changes depending on the number of guests and room size you require. The cost to rent the ballroom ranges from $150-$175 per hour.** The main ballroom seats 300 comfortably and 500 theatre-style. The room dimensions for this room are 72′ x 64′. They have a floating dance floor that measures 47′ x 40′. Included in the cost is complete set-up and break down, tables and chairs, use of 2×8 foot lighted arches, use of their Baby Grand piano, a stage, a lectern, bar set up, and your name advertised on the reader board if you desire. There is ample on-site and overflow parking. The ballroom is beautiful, and The Center is located on a beautiful park-like setting. When weather permits, The Center will set up the patio for no additional charge.

This really is an undiscovered treasure. There are two other rooms available for rental. The Washington Trust Room has a cost of $40 per hour and can accommodate up to 50 people, and the Schultz Room can accommodate up to 25.** Pricing is a little confusing when it comes to use of the kitchen. They have a $25 hourly rate if you are bringing your own food and you have full access to their commercial kitchen. If you choose to go with a caterer, this is where things might not make sense. It reads $300. Don’t let that price fool you. Most caterers that I have worked with, come with most of the food already prepared and only need use of warming trays and a refrigerator. If that is the case, the cost remains $25 per hour. If you have a caterer that is cooking from scratch on site, that is when the price goes up dramatically. As I said, they are nonprofit and the cost for power also goes up dramatically. Lisa can also refer you to a caterer that can prepare great meals at a cost hovering around $10-$12 per person.

From the few times I’ve visited The Center, I can say that their Director Lisa is dedicated to doing whatever is necessary to give you the perfect wedding. She will work within your budget and tweak costs wherever she can. The Center emphasizes they are same-sex friendly, and they welcome an opportunity to be your dream wedding site.

Some historical information: The Center has been in existence since 1985, originally located on 33rd and Perry, as a partnership and the Interplayer’s Theater Group. As The Center continued to grow, they could no longer meet the needs of their population, and they moved again in 1988. With the help of the Spokane Parks Department, they moved to their final location in 1997. Their current location is near Thorton Murphy Park. The goal was to enhance the quality of the park and the experience for the greater community. You can easily find The Center’s mission statement online.

The address is 3151 E. 27th Ave., Spokane 99223 (South Hill).Lisa Rosier can be reached by phone: 509/535-0803 ext 102 or by email:


** Price subject to change without notice.

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