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REVIEWED- 4th Annual Seattle Boylesque Festival 2018

REVIEWED- 4th Annual Seattle Boylesque Festival 2018

REVIEWED- 4th Annual Seattle Boylesque Festival 2018
April 17
19:26 2018
By Adam Fhen

For the fourth year in a row, Seattle became the home to the Boylesque festival. The festival boasted performers from Victoria BC to Minneapolis to NYC, all with the intent to make the audience laugh and turn them on (not necessarily in that order). With four shows spread across two days, these performers worked tirelessly to bring everyone in the audience to their knees- the audience was more than happy to oblige.

The night started with a strong smolder as Mod carousel took to the stage. The group is composed of four local burlesque favorites: Paris Original, the Luminous Pariah, Trojan Original, and Moscato Extatique. The almighty ant queen (Moscato) ruled over her muscular ant minions with little more than a skimpy outfit, a scepter and hypnotic dance moves. The group was so in sync I was sure they had developed a true hive mind.

Apollo Vidra, the man with the glittery beard, golden voice, and diamonds galore took the stage next. It was obvious he went to great lengths to look and sound like ten million bucks, including pulling jewels out of every crevice imaginable. Just when you thought he couldn’t possibly reveal any more, from his own family jewels, he pulled out what could only be his grandmother’s heirloom bracelet. Apollo was a class act at the start, but a shameless tease at the finish, and a great time the whole way through.

If there is one thing about Burlesque, it’s that it never ceases to amaze its audience with the kinds of things these talented performers can make sexy. In this case, JD Hickcock managed to make me view scarecrows in a way that I’m not sure I ever wanted to. He narrowly escaped internally combusting as he took the audience on a literal roll in the hay. I won’t be surprised if I feel the need to watch the Wizard of Oz in the next few days.

The next performer took his sweet time getting to the climax, and let me tell you, it was worth the wait. Jupiter Everhard entered the stage looking more dashing than he had any right to, but lucky for us, the perfectly tailored suit and slacks didn’t stay on forever. In an incredibly effective strip tease, Jupiter managed to somehow be both dirty and debonair, but that was only the beginning. Just when you thought he was finished, Jupiter proved that he was much more than his good looks by giving us one of the most impressive gymnastics performances of the night with little more than a hoop suspended from the ceiling.

EmpeROAR Fabulous was up next with a fun and timely routine, especially in this city. Mr. Fabulous explored the lengths a down on his luck Boylesque performer would go to to continue following his dream amidst increasingly crazy rent prices. What’s a poor boylesque dancer to do other than what he does best, take off all his clothes? I can only hope EmpeROAR Fabulous got a good amount for those clothes that he sold, mostly because I want to see him again next year!

The next performer hailed from Breaux Bridge, LA, and fortunately brought some of the heat with him. Phathoms Deep certainly made the temperature rise with his smooth body and seamless performance.
Ben Franklin was next to enter the limelight, dressed as a sexy mariachi dancer with a penchant for hula hoops. From his chest down, there is not a single portion of his body that he didn’t use to spin his hoops. Probably the most impressive part of his routine was when he transferred a spinning hula hoop from his arm to his leg without it stopping for a single second. Never in my life did I ever think I’d want to be a hula hoop, but Ben tends to have that effect on people.

The next performer was aptly known as the cyclone of burlesque, and rightly so! By the end of the performance I felt I had gone through a windstorm. Redbone entered the stage with large hair and a larger than life personality that she thoroughly expressed through her dance moves. At the end of the performance, she made true on her threats, and absconded with someone’s boyfriend. leaving an equally amused and alarmed woman in her wake.

Kiki Mustang gave us Beetlejuice realness to the extreme. While this wasn’t my favorite performance, it was funny and entertaining. At the very least, I’ll no longer have to wonder what would happen if you forced Beetlejuice to dance to Rihanna’s What’s My Name.

Sailor St. Claire described the next performer as a daddy worth investing in and Al Lykya will certainly give you your money’s worth and a whole lot more. Performing the Bishop Briggs song River, he used the heavy beat to his advantage while bumping and grinding his body around the entire stage. His only prop was a single chair, but even so, he left us no question as to exactly what he’s capable of. Al Lykya certainly is an investment and I’m all in!

The next act started with nothing more than a sheet and a light. In one of my favorite performances of the night Ernie Von Schmaltz managed to transport us into a James Bond movie… if the movie had been made by a 1970’s porn producer. Ernie had just the right amount of sleaze, charm, and style incorporated into his act to make it completely unforgettable.

Burning Loins is comprised of three impossibly talented boys: Indy Fire, Bender Flames, and Charlie Valentine. These three worked together to deliver one of the more fabulous performances of the night. I especially appreciated Indy Fires gorgeous dress and elaborate headpiece. Indy certainly stood out in his mermaid getup, but her two handy seamen certainly didn’t melt into the background. All in all the three were tight, sexy, and most importantly fun!
Devonaire certainly lived up to his reputation as a truly debonair Italian Stallion. Sailor St. Claire said that no one can take a suite off like him, and she was right. Devonaire pushed buttons and boundaries with each article of clothing that he removed and he did so with a devilishly charming smile.

As one of the members of Mod Carousel, Paris Original proved he can bring it both solo and in a group. His costume reminded me of a futuristic sexy space cadet so I’m sure he fulfilled some audience member’s fantasies while he performed. I enjoyed his performance thoroughly and can’t wait to see more of him with and without the rest of his group.
Moscato Extatique is possibly the fiercest member of Mod Carousel and definitely the skinniest. He also dances better in heels better than any guy I’ve ever seen. This performance was the classiest of the night, but according to the music, that’s how they roll in the South of France.

The last performers, 2 to fly, were definitely vying to have the strangest performance of the night with their take on Alice in Wonderland. The scene started innocently enough with the mad hatter and the white rabbit drinking tea, but it quickly took a kinky turn. 2 to fly had some of the best acrobatics of the night and they certainly proved that all the best people are crazy.

All in all, Boylesque is a night filled with lust, excitement, and some incredible performers. Be sure to grab your tickets for next year, and be on the lookout for Boylesque New Orleans, coming in 2019!

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