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Mukogawa Fort Wright Institute

by Ricki Zipkin

If you are looking for a romantic setting for your upcoming wedding, Mukogawa Fort Wright Institute (MFWI) may be the place for you. MFWI encompasses 72 wooded acres with breathtaking views of the Spokane River. There is an abundance of wildlife and it is not uncommon to have a visit by the local deer, chipmunks, or Japanese squirrels while walking the grounds. I took the opportunity to speak with Banquet Manager Richard Reidt and Sales Manager Oley Tomsha about this venue.

MFWI offers several wedding options. There are two chapels. St. Michael’s Mission Chapel is perfect for a small wedding with seating for up to 30 guests. For larger weddings, the Base Chapel can accommodate up to 250. If you are interested in an outdoor ceremony, the Rose Arbor may be the perfect choice. The Rose Arbor would work well with a small wedding, but can accommodate up to 300 guests.

In addition, there are several banquet rooms available for both ceremony and receptions. The Regents Room accommodates from 15-30; the Neal Fosseen Room accommodates 30-80; and, for larger weddings, the Tsutakawa memorial hall can accommodate 80-450 people.
Mukogawa Banquet Services takes pride in tailoring each event to your exact specifications. The staff is wonderful and will work within your budget to come up with the perfect buffet or sit-down menu. You may choose from their extensive menu or create your own original menu. I recently attended an open house at MFWI and I can tell you the set-up and service was impeccable. A buffet was served and the food was delicious.
When planning a wedding, cost is often a factor.
The banquet rooms range are $450 for Regents, $800 for Neal Fosseen, and $2,000 for Tsutakawa Memorial Hall.**

Consider the fact that the cost of food is deducted from the cost of the room.

Let’s assume there are 100 guests. A buffet is decided upon at a cost of $20 per person. This equals $2,000. If you deduct the $2,000 for food from the rental of the Tsutakawa Memorial Hall ($2,000) you can consider the room a freebie. Obviously, if the cost of food is more or less than the rental of the room, you will be charged that difference. I think this is an incredible deal.

Should you choose to get married in either the Rose Arbor or one of the chapels, the costs are $500 for the Base Chapel, $240 for St. Michael’s Mission Chapel, and $450 for the Rose Arbor.**
For you history buffs, this locale has an interesting story . The U.S. was fighting a recession in 1893. Spokane wanted to ride it out and maintain its economy. A military post could provide increased revenue, both by the construction of the post and the money spent by the soldiers. It was also believed the stationing of army troops would instill patriotism and the moral aspirations of the local youth. The federal military was invited to build a post and settle in Spokane. In the spring of 1899, Spokane welcomed its first troops. The 24th infantry were stationed at the fort from 1899-1900, and the 25th infantry from 1908-1912. These were black troops called “buffalo soldiers.”
In 1909, President Theodore Roosevelt paid a visit to Fort George Wright.
During the Great Depression of the 1930s, Major George S. Clarke (who later held the post of commanding officer of Fort George Wright as a colonel), helped form the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC).

Fort George Wright played an important role as part of the 92nd Wing during World War 11. Soon after the war started, it became the detached infirmary of Fairchild Air Force Base. In 1949, it was redesignated as George Wright Air Force Base.

In 1990, Mukogawa Fort Wright Institute (MFWI) was established as the American campus of Mukogawa Women’s University. As an international campus of a Japanese university, it has grown to be an educational institution that is proud of its excellence and standing.

Again, if you are looking for a beautiful, wooded, romantic and historical venue, you may want to consider Mukogawa Fort George Wright Institute.

** Cost subject to change without notice

Historical information taken from Mukogawa Fort Wright Institute: The First Twenty Years; Author: Hiroshi Takaoka; Published: Spokane WA: Mukogawa Fort Wright Institute, 2010.
Contact Information:

4000 W. Randolph Rd.
Spokane WA 99223

An ordained minister and wedding officiant, Ricki Zipkin encourages you to contact her to perform your ceremony.
Please let her know you saw her article on Proud Times.
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