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Julie Goldman Review – Sole Repair Shop 6/16/18

Julie Goldman Review – Sole Repair Shop 6/16/18

Julie Goldman Review – Sole Repair Shop 6/16/18
June 19
06:11 2018

By Adam Fehn

Julie Goldman is an accomplished comedian from Boston Massachusetts who has performed on The Big Gay Comedy Show and Offensive Women, a women-only comedy show that she also founded.  Julie draws her material from many aspects of her background including her Jewish heritage, the LGBTQ communities, and of course her self-identified community of butch dykes.

This performance took place at The Sole Repair Shop, a confusing name for an event venue to be sure, but nonetheless very cute and borderline rustic.  My only criticism of the venue is the wooden accents make the space echo like crazy, something that Julie grasped to pretty quickly. “Where am I?” she exclaimed! “It feels like we’re in a barn.”  Barring a few technical difficulties with the mic, I’d say the night went off without a hitch. They even provided trays of cupcakes!

You have to love a show that starts off with a disclaimer.   Being a lesbian pride event, Julie stated plainly that there is no way she could cater to everyone’s experiences and points of view, an admission I appreciated.  The thing I liked most about her show was that she obviously catered to a room filled mostly with people in the lesbian community, but I never felt like an outsider being a gay man.  Indeed, no one was safe from Julie’s brand of comedy, even the gays aboard the cruises that she has performed for. In some of the funniest jokes of the night, she described in length some of the raunchy situations she found herself a witness to upon the ships.  

Moreover, I enjoyed immensely hearing comedy from someone representing a different letter on the LGTBQ spectrum other than my own. In a lot of ways, Julie’s stories mirrored stories that we’ve all been through, but then, of course, she had to include details of her life that I’m lucky I don’t have to deal with.  She routinely gets mistaken for a man, and things get rather dicey when she uses public restrooms. These are pressing issues that many in our community have to deal with, but Julie addressed these problems with such candid honesty that she had everyone in the room roaring with laughter. Julie is a class act who put on a show that everyone, except the most uptight right-wing nut job would enjoy.

Overall the night was so pleasant that I enjoyed every second of it.  Everyone from the patrons to the event staff were super friendly. It was a night of pride, hilarity, and great times.


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