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Imperial Sovereign Court of Spokane (ISCS)

Imperial Sovereign Court of Spokane (ISCS)

Imperial Sovereign Court of Spokane (ISCS)
P.O. Box 65
Spokane WA 99210-0065

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The ISCS is arguably the oldest organization of its kind in the Spokane Metropolitan Area, providing for support and concern of issues of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning communities of Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho. A variety of shows, Drag Shows, Fundraisers, Outings, Camping Trips, Raffles and Auctions are used to promote this unity. Our goal is to seek out the needs and provide for those needs as humanely, efficiently and as readily as possible. We are registered in the State of Washington as a Non Profit Business Entity and have a Board of Directors in place, regulated by Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws as required. We refuse to discriminate on any basis and work toward our goal of providing services for as wide of a range of needs as we are able. To do this, we use funds set aside in special accounts, all raised voluntarily by our community, and all funds are issued as needed.

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