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Eating OUT – Mark Rosenberg Reads From His Hilarious New Memoir

Eating OUT – Mark Rosenberg Reads From His Hilarious New Memoir

Eating OUT – Mark Rosenberg Reads From His Hilarious New Memoir
October 27
08:01 2013

By Randy SheffieldEating My Feelings

For a guy who describes himself as a whiter, skinnier, gayer version of Oprah, Eating My Feelings (releasing from Three Rivers Press) is Mark Rosenberg’s metaphorical wheelbarrow full of fat. No emotional stone is left unturned—or potato chip left uneaten— in this new memoir that offers an uncensored and uproariously funny look into Mark’s outrageous life.

Growing up in a suburb outside of DC in the eighties, Mark’s adolescent misadventures set him up perfectly for an equally flamboyant adult life when he emerges into the image-obsessed world of gay New York. Whether he’s hiring the personal trainer he only wants to sleep with, or blogging his way to fame with an X-rated twist on Julie & Julia, Mark’s life and Eating My Feelings is anything but boring.  He’ll read excerpts from the book Tuesday, September 3 at Elliot Bay Book Company in Seattle.

You were born gay, fat, and angry.  Could there be a worse combination?
Gay, fat and incontinent would probably be pretty horrible, I suppose. Especially eating as much as I did as a child.

But look at you now with those killer abs.
Thanks!  But the abs are always in a state of flux depending upon how much food I have shoved down my throat on any given week.

What is the worst thing about the gay dating scene?
If any one thing is to blame for destroying gay dating, it’s New York City. I literally had to outsource to another city to find a boyfriend.

You’ve landed a man!  Congratulations!
He’s the most wonderful, giving and caring man I have ever met. In fact, when he met my mother, she said, “He’s so nice and kind.  What the hell is he doing with someone like you?” My thoughts exactly. I’m a very lucky guy.

Did you meet on Grindr?
No, I have been off Grindr since January.  I would never say anything bad about Grindr, but one time, when I was around 28 years old, a guy on Grindr told me I looked forty. This was of course, before I started getting Botox, so while I was offended, I quickly called my dermatologist and scheduled an appointment for the very next day.

Do you still frequent the gym?
I don’t. I kicked it up a level and now I do Barry’s Boot Camp.  They knock the shit right out of you.

What is one thing that you would most like to change about yourself?
You know, I have kind of moved past wanting to change what’s on the outside. After you hit 30, you kind of come to terms with how you look and respect your flaws for what they are. If I were to change anything, it would be my Homer Simpson like rage that comes out of nowhere for no reason at all.

What are you most angry about these days?
Oh God, pretty much everything. While we have made some wonderful strides for gay rights in the past few months, everything else is kind of gross and disgusting. Apparently racism is fashionable again in the summer of 2013.  I’m talking about Paula Deen and everyone on this season of Big Brother.

What is one thing you would never change about yourself?
My bad ass attitude and my willingness to take off my clothes for any reason in any situation even when I’m stone cold sober.

What food takes you to your happy place?
I start a diet every Monday and usually lose it around 3:14pm every Monday when I decide to eat a pint of ice cream or a bucket of fried chicken. But cake will forever and ever always be my go-to-happy place food. I love a nice cake, I really do.

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