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Cazwell and Manila Luzon Unite on New Club Track: HELEN KELLER

Cazwell and Manila Luzon Unite on New Club Track: HELEN KELLER

Cazwell and Manila Luzon Unite on New Club Track: HELEN KELLER
April 12
07:37 2014

New York, NY – “Helen Keller”, the latest dance floor anthem from indie hip hopper Cazwell, was intended to be a trendy moombahton track (the genre that fuses electro with reggaeton and a bit of house). But when Cazwell revisited “Helen Keller” at the close of 2013 with a more hypnotic, four-on-the-floor pulse, he decided this version was the frontrunner for his long-awaited album, Hard 2 B Fresh. Produced with killer beat impresario Richie Beretta (Diplo, Major Lazer), Cazwell opted for a crunky, 90’s house vibe, mixing in some trap elements including the song’s witchy chant. Then, he added vocals from celebrated drag superstar Manila Luzon and wily underground maven, Roxy (“Get Huh!), and voila, a new sound in dance was born. Helen Keller” by Cazwell & Manila Luzon featuring Roxy and Richie Beretta is available now on iTunes from Peace Bisquit.

Helen Keller - artwork FINALThe song is a reference to the American author, political activist, and lecturer who inspired the hit play, The Miracle Worker, however, it’s more figurative then literal.

“Helen Keller” is a term the rapper made up for when a person ex-communicates someone from his or her life. Like Keller, they can no longer see or hear the person. “If I ‘Helen Keller’ you it’s another way to say, you’re dead to me,” explains Cazwell. “If I go out and you’re at the same club, I can’t be bothered.

“In gay club culture, we create our own slang,” he continues. “One thing I’ve heard the kids say for a long time now is ‘I don’t see her’ which usually means you’re not feeling someone’s look. I always loved that line so I wanted to incorporate it in the song.”

The track is more lyric-based than Cazwell’s previous releases. He admits when creating it, he had a lot of aggression he needed to get out. “I went through a break up last year. I used this song as lyrical therapy.”

“She put herself into the track more than I expected. The first day we went into the studio she showed up in full make-up. I asked if she had to go to work after the recording session and she was like ‘no, I just wanted to be in character when I got up to the microphone.’ Right there I knew she was a very hard worker.”

A Massachusetts native, Cazwell has proven himself a hard worker too. He became a Youtube sensation after a million people viewed his ‘Ice Cream Truck’ music video in a single week. He has since earned hipster credibility with a steady flow of danceable hip hop tracks − including ‘Rice & Beans’ and ‘I Seen Beyoncé At Burger King’ −that impressively showcase his hypomanic take on pop culture. He has been described as “what would have happened if Eminem had grown up on Madonna’s front lawn.”

“Helen Keller” is the fifth single release from Cazwell’s Hard 2 B Fresh album due out Spring 2014.Cazwell & Manila Luzon by Michael Wakefield 06

Once again, Cazwell aims to tackle subjects that speak to today’s culture but haven’t yet been addressed in popular music. The song follows “No Selfie Control” – the irreverent disco take on our current cultural obsession and “Guess What?”, the gnarly, horn-ridden electro collaboration with British pop star Luciana that became a top 15 Billboard Club/Play hit in the USA and UK last Summer.

“Helen Keller”is being released simultaneously along with a Leo Herrera- directed music video. “I love Leo’s work,” says Cazwell. He and Herrera worked together on the music video for Amanda Lepore’s “Marilyn”. “Not all directors know how to make drag queens look gorgeous. Leo is a brilliant artist and activist and has such a dreamy touch to his work that I knew he could turn the video out.”

He admits he has been on the receiving end of being Helen Kellered. “I think everyone has. It’s a typical thing that happens when friends fight, ya know? I’m not being Helen Kellered at the moment – at least not that I know of – but I am for damn sure doing some Helen Kellering of my own,” he laughs, referring to his recent break up.

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Cazwell and Manila Luzon Unite on New Club Track: HELEN KELLER

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