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Bigotry Be Gone

Bigotry Be Gone

Bigotry Be Gone
March 19
22:29 2015

Bigotry Be Gone
by Dean Ellerbusch

In our never-ending quest to educate the ignorant, it is sometimes necessary to respond to unfounded accusations and bigoted opinions. I found myself in such a situation when I read comments on this Facebook post.

LGBT Bigotry

I have redacted names, but here is the text of the original comments and my response:

Comment 1: “Is it anti-LGBT to respect the 4000 year old understanding of what a marriage is? What right of marriage can’t be addressed by domestic partnership legislation? Why must all of society change to suit 3% of the population just because they are loud and obnoxious?”

Comment 2: “They are not changing minds with ideas, they are working with intimidation, bullying, extortion.”

My response:

I’m not sure how you think LGBT people have attained such control over our society and its laws. The LGBT population has been intimidated and bullied for entirely too long. This happens beginning in our school years, following us into the workplace, and on into pretty much every facet of life. We want equal rights—not “separate but equal” rights.

With Domestic Partnership, we are not considered our partner’s family and are denied access to them when they are in the hospital. Blood relatives block us from the legal rights that heterosexual married people are afforded when their spouses die (there are many instances where the “domestic partner” isn’t even allowed to attend their partner’s funeral). Domestic Partnership doesn’t provide tax breaks. We are continually told we cannot adopt or raise foster children. The list goes on.

Regarding traditional marriage, it has its roots in economic gain for the family of the daughter receiving a dowry. There have been—and continue to be—arranged marriages. Adolescent girls have been married off. Even in the Bible, one man could have many wives—as well as incestuous marriages. The Church has taught that Whites shouldn’t marry Blacks. There are so many things wrong with the “Traditional Marriage” argument, that I don’t see how such bigotry is acceptable for sinful, but forgiven Christians.

I don’t believe these facts have anything to do with intimidation, bullying, or extortion. I am simply pointing out inconsistencies to the standard party line. I will leave intimidation, bullying, and extortion to the bigots.

I can only hope I have changed your mind with ideas you claim are the better avenue for affecting real change. I also hope that my reasoned response isn’t received as “loud and obnoxious.” Rather, let it be known that I am Out and Proud.

EDUCATE and STOP THE HATE ~ Tenacious Dean

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